T:NE Briefings 21 - 30


RSA City Growth Commission (140kb)

Release Date: November 2013

A new independent City Growth Commission was recently launched by The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) 2020 Public Services. This will consider how England’s biggest cities can become engines for growth and how all regions can benefit from the UK’s economic recovery. For Greater Manchester (GM) the inquiry provides an important opportunity to change the way that Government views the UK’s largest cities and will be a valuable contribution to the next stage of the devolution debate in England. This paper provides an overview of the role of the Growth Commission, what it aims to achieve and sets out why this is important for GM.


Spending Round 2013 (133kb)

Release Date: June 2013

The 2013 Spending Round (Review) set out the Government’s spending plans for financial year 2015/16, which included £11.5bn of additional spending cuts. This briefing summarises the main points from the review, highlighting relevant issues for Greater Manchester.


Budget 2013 (125kb)

Release Date: March 2013

As has been the norm since 2008, the Budget was set against a backdrop of deep economic difficulties, with the latest forecasts from the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) seeing growth halved and a rise in borrowing. The Budget’s measures, which seem to recognise that principle, do not go far enough, and accentuate the risk of looking back at this period as the type of “lost decade” that Japan saw in the 1990s.


Lord Heseltine Review (153kb)

Release Date: January 2013

Lord Heseltine’s independent report to Government looks at how the UK can create economic growth. This briefing summarises the main points from the report and sets out the Government’s initial response to this, as cited in the Autumn Statement.


Greater Manchester Business Survey 2012 (174kb)

Release Date: January 2013

Replacing several different surveys done in the past, various Greater Manchester organisations teamed up to do a first annual business survey of almost 2,500 companies to better understand the conurbation’s business base.


The Autumn Statement 2012 (106kb)

Release Date: December 2013

The Autumn Statement has become a mini-Budget, and this year’s provided a comprehensive update on economic policy, based on the latest forecasts from the Office for Budget Responsibility.


Greater Manchester’s Growing Population (241kb)

Release Date: September 2012

The first results of the 2011 Census reveal that Greater Manchester’s population grew by 6.6% over the last decade, compared to 7.1% population growth nationally. This briefing outlines further details on the data from a Greater Manchester perspective.


The ‘City Deals’ (137kb)

Release Date: July 2012

The first wave of “City Deals” was launched in March, with Greater Manchester’s the first to be published at the Budget. The deals largely have common themes, including new investment models, transport, skills and business growth.


Is this recession different? (131kb)

Release Date: April 2012

There have been six major recessions in the UK since the turn of the twentieth century, the most recent of which began in 2008. A key question relates to whether, like previous recessions, this is a structural recession, or a cyclical one, and this briefing considers the question in further detail.


Transnational EU Programmes 2014 – 2020 (149kb)

Release Date: April 2012

Greater Manchester has benefited significantly from a number of European funding programmes managed by different Directorates within the European Commission (EC). The legislative proposals for the new programmes have now been published and this paper sets out the EU transnational programmes which are relevant to Greater Manchester and the opportunities that these may present.