T:NE Briefings 11 - 20


Financial and professional services in Greater Manchester (352kb)

Release Date: April 2012

Projected to lead the economic recovery in Greater Manchester and with the highest employment growth forecast across all sectors in the coming decades, Financial & Professional Services (F&P) is a key industry to the UK and GM economy and this briefing looks at the sector in more detail.


National planning policy (110kb)

Release Date: April 2012

The Government has published the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) as a platform for delivering local growth and to help achieve ‘sustainable development’. The NPPF sets out the Government’s planning policies for England, outlines how they are expected to be applied and defines the economic, social and environmental role of the planning system.


Budget 2012 (100kb)

Release Date: March 2012

Manchester featured more than any other city in the 2012 Budget, with the Chancellor’s announcement of the “City Deal”, the go-ahead for key parts of the Northern Hub and as one of the cities receiving investment in superfast Broadband. Overall, the Budget was fiscally neutral, meaning that what was given with one hand was taken away with the other.


Autumn Statement 2011 (107kb)

Release Date: November 2011

The Autumn Statement was made by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in November 2011and provided an update on the Government’s plans for the economy based on the latest forecasts from the Office for Budget Responsibility. This briefing summarises the key announcements of interest and importance to Greater Manchester , in particular on infrastructure, broadband, employment and skills, energy and housing.


Exporting more Greater Manchester (136kb)

Release Date: November 2011

This briefing highlights how many firms in Greater Manchester make a significant proportion of their income from export sales – with £7bn worth of goods and services being sold in total. The findings of the report show that due to the region’s size there is clearly scope to increase connectivity and further open Greater Manchester’s economy to foreign trade and investment opportunities.


Greater Manchester Forecasting Model (GMFM 2011) (261kb)

Release Date: October 2011

GMFM is developed by Oxford Economics for New Economy on behalf of the ten AGMA authorities and is a key component of Greater Manchester’s evidence base. This briefing sets out the key findings presented to the GMFMseminar hosted by New Economy on in October 2011.


Local Developments Orders and simplified planning Zones (93kb)

Release Date: August 2011

In the current economic climate any tool which could be used to help bring forward investment is attractive and in Greater Manchester LDOs and SPZs have the potential to be used to support a wide variety of policies and objectives. This briefing paper outlines what LDOs and SPZs are, why they have not been more widely adopted and ways in which they could be used in Greater Manchester.


Open public services white paper (132kb)

Release Date: July 2011

The Open Public Services White Paper was released in July 2011 and outlines the proposed path for reform of UK public services. Much of this agenda is of a high level of interest for Greater Manchester , particularly including the plans to further “Community Budgets”.


Budget 2011 and the plan for growth (121kb)

Release Date: March 2011

Budget 2011 was released on 23rd March 2011 and set out Government spending plans for the year ahead. It built on action announced in the Spending Review 2010 and the Emergency Budget in June 2010 to rebalance the economy from unsustainable public spending towards exports and investment.


Britain’s superfast broadband future (132kb)

Release Date: December 2010

This briefing provides an analysis of the ‘Britain’s Super Fast Broadband Future’ report, looking at the UK’s current position, its future broadband strategy, the Government’s growth proposals, the role of the private sector, and Greater Manchester’s position within this.