T:NE Briefings 01 - 10


The impact on employment of the spending review (145kb)

Release Date: November 2010

This briefing focuses on the impact the Spending Review and the Budget could have on employment in Greater Manchester, drawing on the latest assumptions of the Greater Manchester Forecasting Model (GMFM) and the Office for Budget Responsibility.


Economic growth white paper (113kb)

Release Date: October 2010

This long-awaited White Paper sets out the actions the new administration is taking to bolster economic growth. A new structure is created – the Greater Manchester Local Enterprise Partnership – around which to test, develop and coalesce strategic economic thinking, and to take the initiative in realising economic opportunities.


Spending review (151kb)

Release Date: October 2010

After months of expectation, the Government announced the results of the Comprehensive Spending Review detailing which government departments need to cut their spending, and by how much. The Review shapes the Government’s finances for the next four years and its impact will undoubtedly be felt in Greater Manchester.


Emergency budget (97kb)

Release Date: June 2010

Amidst a climate of serious concern about the macroeconomic risks associated with a loss of investor confidence in the UK, the Emergency Budget sets out a five year plan adding £40bn fiscal contraction to the £73bn already budgeted. This briefing looks at what this could mean for Greater Manchester?


Public sector employment (205kb)

Release Date: April 2010

This briefing explores the role of public sector employment in Greater Manchester’s economy and the implications of fiscal contraction in the comings years.


Budget 2010 Analysis (117kb)

Release Date: March 2010

The 2010 Budget represents an attempt to strike a balance between the need for deficit reduction and not compromising recovery from a recession that witnessed the UK economy contract by 6%. This analysis provides more detail as to how the Budget is expected to help business-led growth, and the relative impacts of the Budget on Greater Manchester.


Department for business, innovation and skills’ economic and social research strategy (84kb)

Release Date: February 2010

This briefing aims to raise awareness of where the BIS research agenda is currently at and heading, noting relevance for GM partners.


Pre-budget report analysis (134kb)

Release Date: December 2009

The Pre-Budget Report Analysis highlights the areas of significance within the December 2009 Pre-Budget Report, focusing especially on those areas that relate to economic development, skills, employment and growth within Greater Manchester.


Skills for growth:The National skills strategy (54kb)

Release Date: November 2009

Focusing on the main elements of the National Skills Strategy, this briefing highlights how the Skills For Growth Strategy affects skills development across the UK, and how this affects Greater Manchester.


Strengthening economic linkages between Leeds and Manchester: feasibility and implications (33kb)

Release Date: November 2009

This briefing investigates recent research into the Leeds-Manchester Corridor, and the potential for growth of both cities by the development of this corridor.