Evaluating the impact of EOS and GIF in GM

As part of the Employer Ownership of Skills (EOS) and Growth Innovation Fund (GIF) programmes, Greater Manchester (GM) received £11m of funding to be spent on piloting new methods of supporting employers to allow investment in their own skill requirements. Greater Manchester has delivered this activity through the GM Chamber of Commerce (GMCC), aggregating employer demand via the route of sector specific Employer Skills Groups. The intention was to develop a system that opened new markets for work based learning, and encouraged training providers and Further Education Colleges to work with employers in new sectors.

In return for government funding, the GM pilot agreed to deliver 1,843 training outputs, made up of:

  • 410: 16 to 18 year old apprenticeships
  • 763: 19+ apprenticeships
  • 670: 19+ other qualifications

Over the past 18 months New Economy has been undertaking a variety of research tasks to evaluate the impact of EOS and GIF programmes within GM.