ESPRESSO - Tax and Expenditure Analysis Tool

In autumn 2015, New Economy was commissioned to identify the total expenditure by the public sector and total tax generated within individual areas of the UK. This was part of a wider piece of work looking at the learning to be gained from current and future devolution deals. The aim of the tax and spend element was to provide a single, consistent tool that showed each local authority district’s reliance on HM Treasury, and thereby on the taxpayer.

The ESPRESSO tool - a single Excel-based tool - is the culmination of this work.

The tool provides two pivot tables and two pivot charts that are customisable to individual authority districts, years and groupings of districts (e.g. county council district level, combined authority districts). The tool has been designed to provide data down to local authority district level, so that they can be built back up to create larger areas.

Currently, the tool includes two years' worth of data - 2013/14 and 2014/15 - and further data will be added to the tool as it becomes available.

The ESPRESSO tool has been commissioned by:

Local Government Association Core Cities