'Deep Dives' Skills Reports

The ‘deep dive’ series of reports aims to provide a comprehensive skills evidence base on Greater Manchester’s nine economic priority sectors.

The reports provide detailed information about each of the sectors – and the extent to which the skills supply system is likely to meet the needs of employers.

The evidence offers employers and learning providers the basis for agreeing future skills provision for Greater Manchester residents.

The research shows rising skills requirements across all sectors – including those that have traditionally not required high skills, such as logistics and construction. Half of jobs to 2022 will require the equivalent of NVQ Level 3 skills (broadly equivalent to ‘A’ levels) and a quarter will require NVQ Level 4 (broadly equivalent to a first degree).

Although training provision across the conurbation appears to be moving towards delivery at higher skill levels, very significant proportions of it remain concentrated at lower levels.

To read a summary of the key messages of the deep dives click here. (17kb)

The nine sectors are:

Advanced manufacturing

Overview. (50kb) Sector profile. (428kb) Employer survey. (403kb)

Construction sector

Overview. (68kb) Sector profile. (431kb) Employer survey. (403kb)

Education sector

Overview. (52kb) Sector profile. (422kb) Employer survey. (402kb)

Finance and professional

Overview. (103kb) Sector profile. (540kb) Employer survey. (401kb)

Health and social care

Overview. (80kb) Sector profile. (418kb) Employer survey. (403kb)


Overview. (41kb) Sector profile. (418kb) Employer survey. (401kb)


Overview. (55kb) Sector profile. (494kb) Employer survey. (401kb)


Overview. (44kb) Sector profile. (432kb) Employer survey. (400kb)

Digital and creative

Overview. (432kb) Sector profile. (912kb) Employer survey. (400kb)