Raising Participation: Greater Manchester Careers and Participation Strategy

The Greater Manchester Careers and Participation Strategy received endorsement from the Greater Manchester Combined Authority in June 2016.

The strategy sets out a new and comprehensive GM-wide partnership approach to add strength to the way in which GM supports young people to participate in education and training, underpinning the ambitions for young people as set out in the Greater Manchester Strategy.

It presents a strategic framework for all partners to work within but uniquely it will work to strengthen relationships between the education sector and the skills and employment system.  This is critical in connecting schools to the skills agenda to better prepare young people for the world of work. 

The strategy is based on four key inter-connected priority areas, through which Greater Manchester will achieve its ambition for young people:

1.    NEET (Not in education, employment or training) reduction and positive progression through high quality participation;

2.    Improving the quality and consistency of approach to Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance for young people;

3.    Linking the FE curriculum to labour market information to ensure the curriculum is most relevant to young people and prospective employers;

4.    Developing approaches to Maths, English and digital literacy support for young people.

Through the first phase of work, partners have come together to establish two advisory groups which will carry out activity to support the implementation of the strategy.

You can read the full strategy here.

For more information on Careers and Participation in Greater Manchester please contact Nicola McLeod at Nicola.McLeod@neweconomymanchester.com



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