Horizon 2020 Energy Calls launched

(Information provided by EU Energy Focus – UK National Contact Point for Horizon 2020 Energy)

EU Energy Focus has produced a good summary of all the H2020 Energy priorities and deadlines for 2017. The summary can be found on this link. Details are similar to those included in the 2016/17 Work Programme however applicants are advised to check the information and revised Work Programme to ensure that they have the latest information on the topics.

The UK performance was strong in the 2015 Calls with €88M of the €594M budget being allocated to UK organisations i.e. 15% of the budget.  Out of 40 countries, the UK is second, only behind Germany with 15.5%.  UK organisations are collaborating with organisations from 33 countries in these successful projects.  More details of the UK performance can be found in on this link.

EU Energy Focus, as the UK National Contact Point, provides free advice to UK organisations wishing to develop a project under H2020 Energy. The Team can be contacted on mail@euenergyfocus.co.uk.