Greater Manchester EIP AHA Reference Site

On 7 December Greater Manchester received a 3 Start Award as a European Reference Site for Active and Healthy Ageing . The award is an international recognition to regions and cities that are seen as “highly inspirational ecosystems, delivering creative and workable solutions to improve the lives and health of older people”. Günther H. Oettinger, Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, awarded the star-prizes to 73 European cities and regions, and 1 federal state, the German federal government at the European Reference Sites awards ceremony during the European Summit on Digital Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing (5-8 December).

The maximum of four stars were awarded to 8 Reference Sites. 23 Reference Sites received 3 stars, 25 received 2 stars and 8 received 1 star.

In his keynote speech, Commissioner Oettinger said I am delighted to award the 2016 Reference Sites prizes to the 74 regional and local leaders. They are recognised for having pioneered innovative digital services and their committed to continue investing in digital innovation as a way to provide better health and care to their ageing populations, more efficient health and care systems, and generate new economic opportunities for innovative companies.

Greater Manchester’s ambition is to develop a new model of sustainable economic growth where all residents can contribute to - and benefit from - sustained prosperity as well as enjoying a good quality of life.  The application to become a Reference Site built on this vision and on the important work undertaken by the Greater Manchester Ageing Hub which was created so that GM partners can coordinate a strategic response to the opportunities and challenges of an ageing population.

The process to becoming a reference site was coordinated by the GM Academic Health Science Network which is a member organisation representing the 4 GM Universities, 13 Clinical Commissioning Groups and 16 provider trust organisations. The GMAHSN is supported on this role by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, the ten Local Authorities, Public Health England, and the Greater Manchester Community and Voluntary Organisation.  

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