INTERREG Programmes Update

The Interreg Programmes provide funding to cities and regions across Europe to foster innovation, SME competitiveness, resource efficiency and sustainable energy through cross border collaborations. The Northwest of England is eligible to three Interreg Programmes:

Northwest Europe Interreg (NWE)

The NWE Programme is one of the most popular EU transnational programmes in our region. Some projects funded by NWE have been featured in previous newsletters.

The Programme has two stage application process and two deadlines a year. The deadline for the second 2015 call closed at the end of November last year. Projects will be evaluated the last week in February and the results will be made published soon after.

The next call will be launched on 18 April and will close on 27 May. The outcome of the call will be known in mid-September and successful applicants will be invited to submit a second stage application by the end of December.

Priorities and Funding 2014-2020

Past GM projects funded by NWE : Ticket to Kyoto - TfGM; Senior Network Support – SeNS – Stockport Council; Improving Connectivity and Mobility Access – ICMA – TfGM

Regions covered by the Programme – UK, Ireland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and parts of Germany and France.

Atlantic Area Interreg Programme (AA)

The AA Programme is still to release its first call. The Monitoring Committee (which is formed by a representative from each of the participating countries) met on 20 January to discuss the structure of the Programme and the calls. We expect the first call to be released in mid May.

Priorities and Budget 2014-2020

Regions covered by the Programme: Ireland, Portugal, Atlantic regions of France, North and Southwest of Spain, Northern Ireland, West of Scotland, England and Wales.

Interreg Europe

The Interreg Europe Programme closed its first call on 30 July 2015. The evaluation of these projects takes a bit longer than other Interreg programmes and it will be known at the end of February.

Interreg Europe has one call a year. 2016 call is still to be announced however this is likely to happen in early spring with a deadline in summer.

The Programme covers the whole of Europe and also all policy areas. The main focus of the fund is sharing good practice and networking rather than pilot actions.

Past GM projects funded by Interreg Europe: Smart Europe - MMU; Regions for Green Growth - Oldham Council, Digital Cities - Manchester City Council; Clustnet - New Economy

More information

Last October New Economy hosted a workshop on the NWE and AA Programmes. The presentations from the UK National Contact Points can be downloaded from these links:

Ian Hill, NWE National Contact Points

Filippo Compagni, AA National Contact Points