HORIZON 2020 Transport Funding 2016-17


EU Funding to support smart, green and integrated transport

The Horizon 2020 Smart, green and integrated transport Programme (H2020) has an allocation of €6.3 billion over a 7 year period. The Programme, which run bi-annual calls for proposals, aims to achieve a European transport system that is resilient, resource-efficient, climate- and environmentally- friendly and safe and seamless for all citizens.

The 2016-17 Work Programme for H2020 Transport was launched in October with an allocation of just under €1bn.

  1. 2016 - €450.77 million, of which €352.6 million is available for Calls for Proposals
  2. 2017 - €486.78 million, of which €403.5 million is available for Calls for Proposals

The activities of this Work Programme are addressed in three types of calls for proposals:

  1. Mobility for Growth 
  2. Automated Road Transport 
  3. European Green Vehicles Initiative

Feedback from the December Workshop

In December New Economy and Liverpool City Region organised a workshop on H2020 Transport.

Louise Mothersole, UK National Contact Point for Transport, gave detailed information about the application procedure as well as some of the calls for 2016 and 17. Dr Delia Dimitriu, a member of the H2020 Transport Advisor Group Expert, provided some inside on the priorities and future direction of the H2020 Transport Programme beyond 2017.

At the event we also had the opportunity to discover how "smart cities"works in practice in relation to transport. H2020 supports a number of calls in relation to Smart Cities but this is still quite a new concept for many practitioners involved in transport. Sofia Taborda, Funding and Project Manager at the Future Cities Catapult presented some case studies the Catapult is involved with. These were not funded by H2020 however the information provided the audience with examples on how “smart cities” can work in practice.

The main message to the audience was to consider the transport calls for 2016 and 2017 and to approach either Louise Mothersole, Delia Dimitriu or the European Team at New Economy to discuss opportunities.

H2020 is a highly competitive programme with many calls receiving overwhelming numbers of applications, however, as pointed out by Louise Mothersole, some of the 2015 calls did not receive one single application, so the message was: Go For It!

The Presentations from Louise and Delia as well as an introduction to H2020 from James Sharples from Liverpool city Region can be found on this link.