Workshop: Being Smart with State Aid, 11 March, Manchester

The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills is delivery a morning training session on EU State Aid rules at New Economy offices on the 11th March. The training is aimed at colleagues from local authorities, LEPs and other public bodies.


What will be covered by the training?

  • How do I know if something is a State aid?
  • What options do I have for handling it? When should I use the de minimis regulation, GBER or a notification?
  • Where do I go for more guidance?
  • Recent changes to the rules and their impact on us
  • A practical case study
  • Opportunity for questions and answers



The EU State aid rules are important to growth in the UK because they help ensure that UK firms compete on a level playing field, and that Government can invest effectively. However, the State aid rules can be tricky to navigate, and getting things wrong can have serious impacts. A very wide range of policy measures can potentially be caught by the rules, including national lottery and ERDF funding. For anyone involved in using public funding, it is therefore essential to have a basic understanding of State aid, and to know where to go for further guidance.

If you have any queries, or any specific areas of interest (particularly if you are attending from specialist kinds of authority e.g. a university), you are advised to contact Katy Burgess before the event. 

Tickets are limited to one per person.

To register please complete the eventbrite form found on this link.