€20m for Water and Flood Management in Greater Manchester and the Northwest

The Environment Agency together with Greater Manchester (GM) have just been awarded €20m from the LIFE Programme (around £14.5m) to help GM to increase its capacity in the delivery of the Water Framework Directive. The project, which has Salford Council as the lead authority acting on behalf of GM, aims to build stakeholder capacity, reduce policy conflicts, identify water and flood management measures that produce multiple benefits - thus allowing greater use of relevant funds – and improve knowledge of innovative measures such as sustainable drainage systems. This is an area which cannot be funded by ESIF but complements some of the ESIF priorities around competitive places and the environment, and which could not have been funded in any other way.

The LIFE Programme is the main European funding instrument to support environmental actions. In 2014 the Commission introduced a new way to fund activities  (called “integrated projects”) to support regions and nations to deliver environmental legislation at a wider scale and to increase the impact of already existing environmental actions.

€108m were awarded to the first approved LIFE Integrated Projects with the GM project taking one of the largest shares of the fund.

The plans on how the project will be delivered in GM will be developed in the weeks / months to come.

For more info please contact Matt Ellis.