Science and Technology

Manchester was the first global industrialised city and as such, has a long history of innovation and exploiting science and technology for commercial success.

From the splitting of the atom to the first stored-program computer, and more recently Graphene; innovation remains critical to Manchester’s aspirations and plans for economic growth.

To secure its future, Manchester must be able to respond to changing global demand in the context of growing economies like China and India, urbanisation, an ageing population and scarcity of natural resources.

We have the infrastructure to generate significant economic return and achieve a global reputation. New Economy believes there is more that Manchester can do to capitalise on its assets and create growth.

Graphene is a case in point. The discovery of the new ‘wonder material’ in Manchester is a significant opportunity to elevate the city’s importance in the 21st Century:

Encompassing Graphene and the city’s wider economic potential across the field of R&D, New Economy is preparing the timely, Manchester Science and Technology Review. Further information will be available here over the coming months.