Greater Manchester has set itself an ambitious vision to secure long-term economic growth. In order to achieve this vision, Greater Manchester needs to continue to ensure its existing business base is strengthened and that we secure a much higher growth rate in key sectors where we have the assets and advantages to succeed nationally and internationally.

We need to create a higher number of new, high growth, highly productive businesses across Greater Manchester and ensure that these flourish and grow.

New Economy is working closely with the Greater Manchester Growth Company to identify innovative ways to continue to improve the strategic support available to businesses across Greater Manchester to drive greater levels of growth.

One of the areas in which New Economy is working involves looking at how the textiles manufacturing sector can be supported to grow within Greater Manchester. Full details on the work, The Alliance Project, are available by clicking here.

In addition to the work on textiles, social enterprises are a key part of our economy and are critical to the ambitious, sustainable business base we want to create in Greater Manchester. New Economy has recently published an EU supported study to increase understanding and raise awareness of the challenges social enterprises face in the UK, Spain and Italy.