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GIS for Public Policy - Joining up the dots and shaping a better future

13 November 2017

David Russell, Ordnance Survey - Underpinning Public Policy

John Ievers, CDR Group - What's New in GIS Use with MapInfo Tech

Professor Cecilia Wong, University of Manchester - GIS tools in academic research: informing policy & strategy

Clare Nolan, GMFRS - GIS at GMFRS

Chris Pope, GMCA - MappingGM: Using mapping for public policy

Unlocking a new era of business growth and productivity – spotlight on innovation

13 December 2016

Andrew Graves, MD, TBR

Richard Jeffery, Director of Business Growth, GM Business Growth Hub

Michael Contaldo, Deputy Director Science and Business, New Economy

Rick Holland, NW Manager Innovate UK

A Place with a Plan is a Place with a Future: The Greater Manchester Spatial Framework: a bold, new plan for jobs, economic growth, new homes and infrastructure

6 December 2016

Key themes in the draft GMSF plan - Chris Findley, GMCA/AGMA planning lead and assistant director Planning and Transport, Salford City Council

How the GM2040 transport underpins the GMSF - Simon Warburton, Interim Transport Strategy Director, TfGM

Behavioural insights - opportunities for devolution

29th November 2016

Felicity Algate, Director, Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) UK: North

Dr Graham Ward, Consultant in Screening and Immunisation lead GM, Public Health England

Jacob Botham, GM Public Service Reform Team, GMCA

Inclusive Growth:  understanding the relationship between poverty and growth

13 July 2016

Measuring the relationship between poverty and growth – Christina Beatty & Dr Richard Crisp, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Regional Economic and Social Research (CRESR), Sheffield Hallam University

Inclusive growth indicators – Prof. Ruth Lupton, Director IGAU & Dr. Anthony Rafferty, Senior Researcher, Inclusive Growth Analysis Unit, University of Manchester

Towards an inclusive Greater Manchester - Andrew Lightfoot, Deputy Head of Paid Service, Greater Manchester Combined Authority

Health Devolution – what does it mean in practice?

12 July 2016

Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership - Warren Heppolette, Strategic Director, Health and Social Care Reform

Transforming population health in Greater Manchester - Wendy Meredith, Director of Population Health Transformation

A Place-Based Approach to Integrated Care - Giles Wilmore, Director of Strategy & Partnerships, Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Manchester Airport: the Gateway to the Northern Powerhouse?

20 April 2016

Manchester Airport and the Northern Powerhouse - Adam Jupp, Head of External Affairs, Manchester Airport

Internationalisation Strategy- baseline data analysis - Rupert Greenhalgh, Principal Researcher, New Economy

Internationalisation Strategy - Michael Contaldo, Deputy Director Science and Business, New Economy


What value should Greater Manchester place on careers education, information, advice and guidance?

1st April 2016

Devo-Careers - Professor Tristram Hooley, Professor of Career Education and Head of International Centre for Guidance Studies, University of Derby

Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance - A Greater Manchester Approach - Nicola McLeod, Head of 16-19 Participation, New Economy

Horizon 2020 Transport

11th December 2015

Horizon 2020 part one - Louise Mothersole, UK National Contact Point for Transport

Horizon 2020 part two - Louise Mothersole, UK National Contact Point for Transport part two

The Role of TAG (Transport Advisory Group) and Engagement in Future Transport Policy - Dr Delia Dimitriu

Trans-national funding - James Sharples

EU Funding to support smart, green and integrated transport - Maria Gonzalez

Housing Greater Manchester’s growing population

1st December 2015

Greater Manchester Spatial Framework - Chris Findley, AGMA planning lead and assistant director Planning and Transport, Salford City Council

Manchester Place - Deborah McLaughlin, CEO, Manchester Place

NHS Devolution – creating a fully integrated health and social care system

22nd October 2015

Health and social care devolution

A GP led NHS

Demand for health and care

Unlocking a new era of business growth and productivity

30th September 2015

Greater Manchester Business Survey:  Key issues/challenges for Greater Manchester Businesses

Business Growth: key delivery challenges

Business Support Policy in Greater Manchester